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Sometimes the age of an article does not determine its freshness!

I just read again today a classic from C. Merle Crawford, "Strategies for new product development," Business Horizons, Dec. 1972, pp. 49-58.

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Characteristics of successful new product development

This is an interesting presentation about new product development strategy:

Much at the beginning is not new, but the points from page 25 are worth reading: what a Booz-Allen and Hamilton study found in common among companies with successful new product innovation practices.

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Do you have productive 1:1s with your team members?

Who is doing most of the talking during the 1:1 meetings with your team members; you or your team members? Whatever your intent for the 1:1 is, you need to master the art of listening. If you spend most of the time talking and not listening, you might miss a great deal of what your team member is trying to tell you.

Gus Gaynor awarded the IEEE George F. McClure Citation of Honor

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Washington, DC 20036-4928


WASHINGTON (30 May 2013) – Harold S. Goldberg, P.E., the first chair of what is now IEEE-USA, will receive the organization’s highest honor, the Robert S. Walleigh Distinguished Contributions to Engineering Professionalism Award.

Simple Solutions: Toothpaste

Subject: A Toothpaste Story...


New technology thought

The Technology Management Council (TMC) brings together IEEE society representatives and members from 14 of IEEE Societies including: the Computer Society, Professional Communications, EMC, Reliability, and ten other societies.  TMC promotes the best development, management and assurance practices to foster and promote technological development.


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