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IEEE Technical Activities Board approves transition of TMC to IEEE Society

    Dear colleagues, IEEE Technical Activities Board approved our proposal to transition the Technology Management Council to an IEEE Society.

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ITMC 2015 Call for Proposals

The IEEE Technology Management Council is soliciting proposals to be the local host of our flagship conference, the International Technology Management Conference (ITMC).  The conference is held annually during June and draws between 100 and 200 participants. Our 2013 conference was held June 24 to 26 in The Hague with 215 participants.

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Resisting change?

Do you have team members who are resisting change? I have been thinking about this lately, maybe because I've had a recent experience, or maybe because I'm thinking about my next article in the Engineering Management Review. ;) I've always said that the difficulties as a manager are typically not in the technical work but in dealing with people.

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How does an American football player's behavior on the sidelines relate to management?

TMC followers: Have you seen the videos showing Dez Bryant (supposedly one of the best if not the best team members of the Dallas Cowboys) losing control on the sideline during the Dallas Cowboys loss to the Detroit Lions 31-30? He yelled at the quarterback, the Cowboys assistant, and others in the team. This is very similar to a situation that any of us can experience in our teams.

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Program management: What is the role of a Program Manager?

In many companies, large projects have program managers assigned to it. The program manager, by definition, manages the "program". The program is everything related to that specific projects: Specification, design, productization, post production, customer relationship, and every other little or big thing as it relates to the project.

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Project execution: Is having a plan enough for successful execution?

It is interesting to see how many teams think that having a project plan means successful execution. Getting the group together and strategizing, then putting a plan together is absolutely important for execution, but as important as planning is to have the discipline to execute the plan.

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Want to understand a firm's strategy? Forget the business plan...

Here is an interesting blog from Harvard Business Review about how to assess a firm. "If you want to really understand a firm’s strategy - whether it’s a start up or Fortune 500 firm - you need only two documents:  the compensation plan and the pricing plan."


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